Waterlase Pediatric Surgery

One of our top priorities here at Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon is to help your child have a safe, comfortable experience during each visit. To do that, we work hard to create a kind, positive, welcoming environment for everyone, but we also know that what happens in the chair will color your child’s impression of dentistry for life. 

We take that responsibility very seriously and have invested in the latest dental technology to help make your child’s appointment pleasant and relaxing. Our team here in Brandon, FL, is proud to be among the few pediatric dentists in the country that offer the Waterlase system to our young guests, so we can make soft-tissue surgeries as stress-free as possible.

If your child needs soft tissue dental surgery (or just a good dental cleaning!), we invite you to book an appointment online. Our friendly team would be excited to meet you both!

What is Waterlase?

Waterlase is a cutting-edge tool for performing soft-tissue dental procedures. Traditionally, a dentist would use a metal scalpel to gently remove or shape tissue. However, with Waterlase, we use a combination of laser technology and water to perform the same surgeries more quickly, comfortably, and safely.

Our team employs the Waterlase system to do common childhood procedures like tongue-tie surgery or frenectomy and gingival exposure of teeth. This means your child can get needed dental work done with a minimum of discomfort.

What are the benefits of Waterlase? 

Waterlase allows us to perform soft-tissue operations with less discomfort and more accuracy than by using traditional methods. With Waterlase, your child can:

  • Feel less discomfort and more ease during their procedure
  • See incisions sterilized and healed without needing to use stitches 
  • Experience a faster recovery time after the work is done
  • Get better, more precise results from their surgery

Thank you for your trust!

We know there are many fine pediatric dental practices for you to choose from and we are so grateful that you have decided to work with us! We work hard every day to earn your continued trust and provide exceptional clinical care and a warm, welcoming environment for you and your child. We invite you to book an appointment online, and look forward to seeing you both!

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