Advanced Technology

Our practice is proud to serve our guests with the latest in dental technology. We invest in cutting-edge approaches to dentistry, including lasers, digital x-rays, and computer imaging because we want to provide exceptional clinical care and help your child have a smoother, more comfortable experience.

A cutting-edge approach to helping your child

We use a series of sophisticated new tools to help improve the quality of care your child receives. 

IRIS HD intraoral camera

A high-definition digital camera attached to a small wand, the IRIS camera takes close-up photos inside your child’s mouth. This allows us to show you and your child exactly what is going on with their teeth and gums, including zooming in on specific areas.

Digital x-ray technology

We use the Gendex panoramic x-ray and Nomad intraoral camera to produce imaging of your child’s teeth and jawbone. The digital technology is more comfortable for our guest’s and generates less radiation exposure than traditional systems.

Detailed digital display

Our doctors and care team review digital images on monitors, which allow us to zoom in or expand them for a better look at specific details.

iTero orthodontic digital system

The iTero system allows us to create a full three-dimensional model of the inside of your child’s mouth. This is incredibly useful for treatment planning, as we can achieve much more accurate results than by using old-fashioned moldings and significantly improve outcomes with services like Invisalign. You’ll even be able to explore the model on our big-screen TV and visualize exactly what your child’s teeth will look like after treatment.

Waterlase technology for soft tissue procedures

Waterlase uses a combination of lasers and water to cut soft tissue with greater precision and less discomfort. This means we can perform common soft tissue surgeries like tongue-tie surgery, frenectomy, and gingival tooth exposure more quickly and comfortably than most other dentists, while also minimizing recovery time, bleeding, and post-operative pain.

Diode laser for hemostasis

With a diode laser, we can cauterize bleeding and dry up moisture in the mouth. This allows us to work more quickly and efficiently, as well as improve your child’s experience by minimizing discomfort and boosting recovery time.

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